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SASSA R350 Status Check And Reconsiderations . Application Online , Approved Payments Without Date for 2022 , You can find all information here Now .

SASSA status check for r350 and reconsideration 2022

There are applicants who applied for SASSA R350 but they did not qualify because of the following Reasons :

UIF Registered

Source of Income

Wrong names

information not matching

some made a mistake during application

Here is what you can do if you are wrongfully declined by SASSA

when you appeal

Decline reasons

Reconsideration Reasons

no alternative source of income

The reconsideration should be the same as the reason of application decline


if you are declined for UIF , You can’t be reconsidering your application with identity verification fixed

so this is why your reason for reconsideration should be the same as the reason of your application declining

Appeal on SRD/350 Step By Step
Members it seems this has caused confusion for some…
Let me Clarify and explain why this is so important.
Previous SRD appeals closed on the 31st May 2021.
If you were declined previously it’s declined unfortunately and you cannot appeal.
Those who were still on reconsideration after 31st May 2021 unfortunately could not appeal
From today 6th August 2021 once you apply SHOULD you be declined YOU HAVE 30 days to appeal.
You need to appeal every month individually on reconsideration
Appeal is only an appeal if submitted on reconsideration which is the same link as applying –
The reason that this is SO VERY IMPORTANT is because with the old SRD it was never disclosed (but only Gazetted) that if you didn’t appeal within 15 days of being Declined you could not Appeal.
I am trying to read through the Gazetted information to see if there is anything else not disclosed as we do not want members caught off guard once again.
I hope that clears that up.
Blessed Day!
Team Admin
Important Information Regarding SASSA SRD-R350
SASSA payments dates

Sassa Grant R 350 Extended But not for new application

Extending the Covid-19 social relief of distress grant until 2022 would create time … Grant recipients wait in long queues at the Sassa offices. SASSA’s decision to decline their Covid19 SRD Grants applications lodged in the extension period of 01 November 2020 – 31 January 2021 He hopes SASSA will extend the COVID-19 grant after...

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