Harmony Gold Mining Internship Applications (50 Posts)

Closing Date: Monday 15th of February 2021
Grad / Interns (Joel)[x2] Mining Engineering,[x1] Geology,[x2] HR[x1]
Occupational Hygiene
Grad / Interns Tshepang Operations (Inc Phakisa)[x2] Mining Engineering,[x1] Geology,[x1]
Occupational Hygiene / Environmental,[x1] Survey[x2] Finance[x2] HR,[x2] Office Management & Tech,[x2] Pharmacist
Grad / Interns (Target)[x1] Mining Engineering,[x1] HR,[x1] Finance
Grad / Interns (Doornkop)[x2] Mining Engineering,[x2] Survey,[x2] Environmental Science,[x2] HR,[x2] Metallurgy,[x2]
P1 / P2 (Kusasalethu)[x3] Mining Engineering;
Grad / Interns (Moab Khotsong)[x1] Geology,[x2] Health & Safety[x1] Planning & Survey,[x1] Social Worker[x1] Pharmacist,[x2]
Occupational Health Nurse,[x2] Communication & Marketing
Grad / Interns (Kalgold)[x1] Human Resources Management
  • Certified copy of a valid South African Identity Document (SA Citizen).
  • Certified copy of qualifications relating to field applying for
  • Brief Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of residence (water and lights account or a signed affidavit);
  • How to Apply
To apply, please forward all required documents to the email address listed below, indicating clearly on your application which operation/Region you are applying to. Applicants will be placed in accordance with the Operations’ needs.
How To Apply
Incomplete applications will NOT be considered