Unemployed Youth Jobs by The Department of Education

Youth Jobs by Department of Education

The Department of Basic Education might just be your saviour. They have now partnered with Harambee Youth to bring you thousands of jobs as Education Assistants at public schools.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is now taking a step forward to make sure the youth pave the way of success. DBE has partnered with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator which will see 300 000 South African youth be recruited for job opportunities.

The 300 000 youth will be broken up and will see 200 000 being employed as Education Assistants and 100 000 being General School Assistants.

As part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme, the Basic Education Sector aims to create 200 000 employment opportunities for Education Assistants and 100 000 for General School Assistants. This will be accomplished through the Basic Educations Employment Initiative (BEEI).

Advertisements for these opportunities have already started emerging across various media platforms. Another perk of this amazing opportunity is that it is available to youth across South Africa and not just a specific province.

Now, what does it mean to be an Education Assistant and General School Assistant? Well, an Education Assistant will support teachers and learners in classrooms. General School Assistants will help schools to comply with COVID-19 protocols and also make sure that the environment where teaching and learning is taking place is safe, secure and hygienic.

These opportunities are open to those aged 18 to 35. Candidates who live near to schools will be prioritised.

“An orientation manual has been prepared and digitised to ensure that the young people get trained on their roles and responsibilities,” read a statement from the Department. There will also be training programmes which will see those who are successful in applying become equipped with skills so that they’re ready to take on their duties. 

Government making these opportunities available will see young people gain work experience which will benefit any future employment ventures.

You can apply through the SAYouth.mobi site. The website to apply is the SA Youth website Applying and registering through this site will also see you have access to other job opportunities linked to your education, skills and experiences. 

“SA Youth uses work seeker’s data to match them to opportunities – and as they gain experience and skills, presents them with further opportunities”.

You may also submit applications to your nearest local school before the closing date as per your district or province arrangements.