How To Register A Small Business

We have seen requests on how to register a business and we found the following of registering your business with CIPC is here

Please follow on the previous post as this just completes the process.

1. In your google search bar, type CIPC.
2. Please make sure that the results appear as
Click (CIPC): eServices. This will take you to the next step which is to put in your log in details.

How to register as a customer is my previous post that will give you the log in details. If you don’t have them, please refer back to.
3. Type in your customer code and password.
The security code given to you is case sensitive so please make sure that you type it in correctly.

4. You will be logged in to your cipc account and the money you’ve deposited in will reflect in your account. On the top left side of the screen as I’ve underlined. (R250)
Please remember that you only need to deposit the R175 you need to register the business. However I always advise that you deposit extra so that when you need to do your annual returns, you have money available in your account already.
5. Click on transact.
6. Click on company registration.
7. Your next screen will need you to choose your company type. Click on the drop down arrow as highlighted in pink.
8. Select your company type. If you’re registering a company for profits, your first option is the correct option to select.
9. Once you’ve selected your option, you will be asked to input the ID number of all the directors of the company. If it’s one person, you won’t need to repeat the process. For my example we have used two people.
Start with the first ID number then click on + as highlighted in pink.
10. All the directors ID numbers you’ve supplied will appear at the bottom of the screen with their corresponding names and surname.
Click on continue.

11. The next screen will capture the details and ask if you would like to add a new incorporator or to continue.
You only need one director as an incorporator but can have all of your directors as incorporators.
Click continue if you choose one of your directors as incorporators.
12. The next screen is that of directors and incorporators. You will need to click on edit for each and every director you have, one at a time.
13. Capture all director details. The first option, you select director type as director.
14. Continue capturing the details of the director.
If this director is an incorporator, select yes for the last question and save.
For my example, both directors are incorporators.

You will need to repeat this step for every director.
Please note: 📝 💯It is vitally important to input the correct email address as well as the correct cellphone number as this is where CIPC will communicate with you.
15. The details of each director will appear twice, once as a director and once as an incorporator.
So if you have two directors, it will appear as 4 lines. Click continue.
The next screen will require you capture the company details, select shares, company financial year end as well as company’s physical address.
16. Capture company details.
17. Continue capturing company details, then click save. 18. The next step will need you to choose name reservations.
Name reservations cost R50.
You can do this step on its own before you start with the registration. If you have done this, you will need to select the 2nd option and put in the tracking number for your name reservation.

I find it easier to just do it with the process of registering. So click on 👉🏾apply for name as part of this process.
19 . You will need to submit at least 4 proposed names for your company, in order of preference. Then click on submit proposed names.
‼️ To avoid wasting money, please do an enterprise name search on the landing screen once you’ve logged on, to see if the names you would like to use are already being used. ‼️
If your name clashes with any registered company name, the search will let you know, however it’s not guaranteed that the name will be accepted if it doesn’t clash as the search is not exhaustive. 🌀
20. The proposed names will be submitted and you will be given a tracking number that you can use to track the progress of your name reservation. 💯✅
Click continue.