Traineeships Placement opportunities at SAGDA

Graduate Placement opportunities at SAGDA


Graduate in any field

The programme aims to develop, mentor, capacitate, produce sustainable and economically active graduates.


The programme in which the students from various Institutions (TVET, Universities) are given a chance to go and do Experiential Work in the companies in order to obtain their respective qualifications. Internship is when the graduates who already have the qualifications will go to the company and do practical work experience to enhance their careers.

Our primary reasons are:

  • •   Addressing weakness: Every graduate is weak at a certain skill and every graduate will not be perfect in their areas of competency.
  • •   Improving performance: Once the graduate acquires the desired skill required for the task to execute, their weakness will turn into their strength and they will get a better understanding of how to execute with better ideas.
  • •   Fostering growth: The main aim of SAGDA is to get development and growth for the effect it put of the graduates. Growth can be achieved if all the work force of the organisation pays equal attention to development by providing training to the graduates, by so doing, we are providing them with space to learn and grow.
  • •   Enhancing satisfaction: Graduates will feel confident in gaining skills, training helps the graduates to perform tasks easily and, they can also innovate new strategies to improve their lives. This builds some level of satisfaction in graduates.



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Graduate in any field

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