Learnerships To Gain Work Experience

Learnerships To Gain Work Experience

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At Steam Power we are used to change and have been continuously adapting to respond to the many factors shaping our industry.

Apply To GE Steam Power Learnership To Gain Work Experience


Change is how we keep pace with the world around us and ensure our long-term sustainabilityTo achieve this requires us adopting a strong services mindset that becomes the very DNA of Steam Power.

As a result, we have become more of a services organization.

We believe our success in large part will depend on us being as diverse of a team as our customers and regardless of our role, every one of us can contribute to making Steam Power the service provider of choice by customers around the globe.

  • Learning differences
We are passionate about creating an inclusive work environment.By valuing the ideas and contributions of a diverse workforce we help inspire others to grow, succeed, and raise the bar for everyone.

Join us at GE Power, where results can be achieved by embracing a community of belonging.

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