SA Government Learneships Offered By SETA for 2024

SA Government Learneships Offered By SETA for 2024

  • Learnership programmes available via the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, on either 2 or 3 year contracts.
  • Learnership programmes provide an opportunity to study towards a nationally recognised qualification without having to pay study fees. In fact you are paid a monthly stipend, an allowance to cover you expense and living costs.
  • At the same time you will be working at a job which is related to the area where you are studying which allows you to get relevant work experience.
  • This means that at the end of the study period you will hopefully finish with a qualification certificate, valuable work experience – and without student debt.

Imbumba Aganang Private Party (RF) Proprietary Limited is a special purpose entity incorporated to facilitate the financing, design, construction and operation of head office accommodation for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (“DIRCO”) through a service concession agreement. Both Parties have formed a partnership agreement with PKF Octagon Incorporated and formed an extensively tailored learnership/internship programme.

Imbumba Aganang in collaboration with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) and PKF Octagon Incorporated are inviting applications for a thirty-six (36) and twenty-four (24) months Learnership/Internship Programme as a contribution towards Skills Development as well as giving unemployed graduates an opportunity to gain experience in various areas.

The specific areas:

36 months Learnerships: Financial Management and ICT

24 months Learnerships: Facilities management and Legal

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24 months Internships: Property and Facilities management, Human resources, Supply chain management, Public Diplomacy, Internal Audit, Risk Management, DTRD MSU (Diplomatic Training, Research and Development), State Protocol, Consular services, Records management, COO

Regulatory Framework:

This initiative is in partnership with a number of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) .

In South Africa, SETAs, or Sector Education and Training Authorities, play a crucial role in the country’s skills development and training initiatives. These organizations are responsible for overseeing the skills development needs within specific economic sectors. SETA’s collaborate with employers, labor representatives, and other stakeholders to identify skills gaps, develop relevant training programs, and ensure that South Africa’s workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to contribute effectively to the economy. By focusing on sector-specific needs, SETA’s aim to enhance the quality of training and education, promote employment, and ultimately support economic growth. The system helps align training programs with the demands of various industries, fostering a more skilled and adaptable workforce in South Africa.

Benefits of a Learnerships/Internship as a unique vehicle to skills development:

1. Increase access to employment opportunities
2. Assist in Career-Pathing and Self-development
3. Provide a monthly stipend to learners while they learn
4. Serve as an entrance into the industry for unemployed learners


Imbumba Aganang in collaboration with the Department of International Relations and PKF Octagon Incorporated invite you to apply!

The four different Learnership programmes are:

Learnership – Facilities Management

Learnership – Financial Management/Accounting

Learnership – Information Communication Technology

Learnership – Legal



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Closing Date: 14 January 2024

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