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SASSA Payment Dates for July 2024

Compared to June payment dates, SASSA started to distribute grants on the second day of the July month.

Grant Type Grant Amount Payment Date
Old Age Grant (60 to 75) R2,180 02/07/2024
Old Age Grant (75 & Above) R2,200 02/07/2024
Disability Grant R2,180 03/07/2024
Child Support Grant R530 04/07/2024
War Veterans Grant R2,200 04/07/2024
Care Dependency Grant R2,180 04/07/2024
Foster Child Grant R1,180 04/07/2024
SRD R370 Grant (Formerly R350) R370 25 – 31 July

Older Age Grant Payment Date:

  • The recipients of older persons grant will receive their payment on Tuesday, 2 July 2024. If your age is between (60 and 75), then you will receive R2,180. More than (75+) age South Africans will receive R2, 200.

Disability Grant Payment Date:

  • On Wednesday, 3 July 2024, You will receive your disability grant; the distribution amount is R2,180.
  • Child Support & Foster Child Payment Date:
  • Parents and Care takers will receive their SASSA child support or foster child grants on Friday, 5 July 2024. The amount for the Child support grant is R530 and the foster child grant is R1,180.

Care Dependency Grant Payment Date:

  • A Similar date is announced for SASSA care dependency grant applicants: Friday, 5 July 2024, and the grant amount is R2,180.

SRD Grant Payment Date:

SASSA has not confirmed the exact date for the SRD R370 grant (Formerly R350). So, if your grant status is approved for the SRD grant, you will receive your payment between Thursday, 25, and Wednesday, 31 July 2024. You must need to check your status regularly to get your exact payment date.

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