Social Grants Payment Dates For MAY 2022

Social Grants Payment Dates For MAY 2022

Social Grants Payment Dates For MAY 2022

Sassa Grant Schedule for 2022
If you have not yet seen the schedule for social grants payments for the month of May, see the details below.
How to access Sassa Services?
Sassa have various offices from local, regional to national level. You may go
to your local Sassa offices to apply or inquire about services offered by the
You may also apply online for Sassa grants such as Old Pensioners Grants, Child Support Grant, SRD Grants and more. Where to Apply for Sassa grant online?
For Social Grants go to:
For SRD Grant go to:

May Social Grants Payment Dates

The social grants for the month of May 2022 will be paid as follows:
Older Age Pension Grant
The Older Persons grant will be paid on 03 May 2022
Disability Grant

All other grants will be paid on 05 May 2022
Sassa Social Grants Payment Dates for 2022 to 2023

When Can I Reapply For Sassa R350 Grant?

Application for Sassa r350 grant is open from 6 August 2021 and will close in March 2022. You can submit your application for the grant before the application deadline.

We, therefore, encourage you to reapply as soon as possible before the reapplication closes.

Why Do I Need To Reapply For Sassa R350 Grant?

You need to reapply for Sassa r350 grant because your previous application was unsuccessful or rejected.

When the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) rejects your application for Sassa r350 grant, it means you’ll not get the grant.

SASSA gives all applicants whose previous applications were rejected or unsuccessful to reapply so that their applications can be reviewed again and possibly get approved for the grant.