X126 Cleaners Wanted at Netcare Medical Facilities

X126 Laundry Cleaners at Netcare Medical Facilities

Laundry Cleaners at Netcare Medical

Company Overview for Laundry Cleaners at Netcare Medical:

Netcare stands at the forefront of healthcare services, committed to providing exceptional patient care across a network of cutting-edge medical facilities. In our steadfast dedication to fostering a secure and hygienic environment, we actively seek passionate individuals to join our team as Laundry and Cleaners. This role is pivotal, maintaining the highest cleanliness standards within our medical facilities, contributing significantly to the creation of a healthful and curative atmosphere. In the dynamic healthcare landscape, precision is paramount, and Netcare recognizes the vital role of our Laundry and Cleaners team in upholding our commitment to excellence.

Position: Laundry and Cleaners

Location: Various Netcare Medical Facilities

Job Type: Full-Time

Laundry Cleaners at Netcare Medical

Responsibilities, Laundry Services:

Operate industrial washing machines and dryers to clean linens, uniforms, and other items.
Sort and fold laundry according to established procedures.
Ensure the availability of clean and sanitized linens for various medical departments.

Cleaning Services:

Perform routine cleaning tasks to maintain the cleanliness of patient rooms, common areas, and other designated spaces.
Use appropriate cleaning agents and equipment to ensure a sanitized and germ-free environment.
Adhere to infection control protocols and safety standards of Laundry Cleaners at Netcare Medical

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Team Collaboration for the Laundry Cleaners at Netcare Medical:

Work collaboratively with other members of the cleaning and healthcare teams.
Communicate effectively with medical staff to address specific cleaning and laundry requirements.
Adherence to Standards:

Follow established protocols and guidelines for laundry and cleaning services.
Maintain a high level of attention to detail to meet the cleanliness standards set by Netcare.

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Medical Background:

Previous experience in a healthcare setting is preferred.
Knowledge of infection control procedures and standards in a medical environment.

(Care, Precision, and Commitment):

Demonstrated commitment to providing exceptional care and service.
Precision in executing cleaning and laundry tasks to maintain a sterile environment.
Strong work ethic and dedication to upholding Netcare’s standards of excellence.

Communication Skills:

Ability to communicate effectively with medical staff and fellow team members.
Willingness to follow instructions and adapt to changing priorities.

Physical Stamina:

Ability to perform physical tasks, including lifting and moving laundry and cleaning equipment.
Stamina to work for extended periods while maintaining attention to detail.


Competitive salary
Health and wellness programs
Opportunities for career advancement within the Netcare network
Comprehensive training and development programs

How to Apply:


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