SASSA Grant Payment Dates For October 2023

(Sassa) has confirmed the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payment for October 2023. The grant currently has more than 7 million beneficiaries in the country.

For a large portion of 2022 and 2023, the SRD grant did not have a fixed grant payment date. This is in contrast to the permanent grants distributed by Sassa which have always had fixed payment dates. 

However, Sassa has decided to pay SRD in the final week of every month and released payment dates for October 2023.

The SRD Grant Payment Dates For October 2023


  • The Older Persons Grant (as well as any grants linked to these accounts) will be paid on 3 October 2023.
  • The Disability Grant (as well as any grants linked to these accounts) will be paid on 4 October 2023.
  • All other grants (Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, War Veterans Grant) will be paid on 5 October 2023.

In October 2023, SRD grants will be paid from 25 October. The final SRD grant payments for October will be processed by Sassa by 3 October 2023.

SRD grant beneficiaries are encouraged to complete a SRD Sassa status check during payment week. This will allow them to see the exact day that the grant will be reflected in their bank account.

During that week clients are encouraged to view their status on the SRD website for the exact date that payment will reflect in their bank account.

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It’s important to note that R350 grants will take approximately 2-3 working days to reflect in the SRD grant beneficiaries’ bank accountafter the payment is processed by Sassa.

Sassa Status Check

Do you know the status of your grant application with Sassa?

You need to be certain that Sassa has all the information they need to pay your grant to you on the payment date.  We have the information you need to perform a Sassa status check.

Collecting Your SRD Grant

Bank Account

As a beneficiary of the R350 Grant, you have the option to receive your grant directly into your personal bank account. This method allows you to access the funds as soon as they become available.

Cash Send

If you don’t have a personal bank account, you can opt for the CashSend payment option to receive your SRD grant. To utilise this method, you’ll need a cellphone with a registered number and proof of identification, using your ID number and phone number to access your grant payment.

Retail Stores

Grant beneficiaries have the option to collect their R350 grant at various retail stores across the country. Participating retailers including Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer pay the R350 grant.

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