SASSA: Recipients are urged to update their information for 2024

SASSA: Recipients are urged to update their information for 2024.

SASSA: Recipients urged to upd

SASSA recipients have been urged to update their information for 2024

  • Including banking details and contact information.
  • If you receive any of the social grants, ensure that your details are correct on the system –
  • or you might not receive the right grant at the right time.

Social grants include the R350-SRD Grant, Childcare Grants, Disability Grants, and Older Persons (Pensioners) Grants.


Here’s more about where to update your social grant information for the year.

  • The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) have ureged all recipients to update their information.
  • If any of your details have changed, update your details with the national system. Grant information must be correct for approved payments.
  • Should details be wrong, your grant might not reach you in time (or at all).


  • Information can be updated through national or regional offices. Remember to ask about supporting paperwork, that includes your Identity Documents.

SASSA: R350 SRD grant updates online

If you receive the R350-SRD Grant, information updates can be done online.

This link has all the details, including how to change your cellphone number and banking details. To make grant payments more efficient, R350 Grant updates can be done via the website.

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Regional offices and national contacts

If there’s anything you would like to know about the social grant system, visit their website for a list of regional offices. Regional offices are the ones closest to your registered address – and where you update your details when this changes.

  • Addresses, banking details, and phone numbers can be changed via regional offices.
  • If you aren’t sure which documents are needed, call first to ask: +27 80 060 1011.

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